The basic process of website from design and development to launch

The basic process of website from design and development to launch

The general process of building a website from scratch, from finding a design vendor to maintaining the website after it has been launched, is as follows.

I. Pre-preparation phase
The Internal organization of the company to discuss website requirements and preliminary architecture
Find a web design vendor
Discuss the requirements with the web design vendor, and ask the vendor to provide website planning and quotation
Identify vendors and contract
Prepare the necessary information for website development and provide it to the web design vendor

2、Design and production phase
Conduct website layout and style discussions and production
Ask the client to confirm the completed website static style layout
After the style is confirmed, the site is cut and static inner pages are created
Perform system program development
Website midterm or final acceptance
Website and web space application
Website officially launched

3. Follow-up maintenance phase
Go to the website of the major search sites
Conduct online marketing to increase website exposure
Regularly update website content
Regularly check and process website orders or customer service correspondence
SEO can be considered for website optimization

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