Website Functionality Planning

Before planning the architecture of a website, it is common to pay attention to the following key points.

I. Do I need a title animation page?
In the early days of web design, most of the websites would enter a "header animation" page upon entering the website, and only after the animation is displayed, the website home page is entered. The scope of the animation is usually the main product display, corporate image display or corporate advantages introduction, etc., mainly because we hope to deepen the impression of netizens through lively or cool animation. However, with the current popularity of website animation, most of the netizens to our website, the main purpose is to search for related information content, and for the content of the website animation, will not necessarily feel interested, and too much animation effect, sometimes will cause the inconvenience of the netizen search and cause disgust, so we suggest you to consider clearly, when planning the website, whether there is really the production of the head animation If you have to make a header animation, then you should pay attention to the "dynamic line" of the website, don't let the users can't find the clear link or content for the animation effect, and please remember to add the function of "skip animation (skip)" in the animation content, so that the users who don't want to watch the animation can go to the home page or inner page directly.

2 what is the language version of the website?
Usually, websites are available in different languages depending on the scope of business. For example, if your company's main customers are located in China, Taiwan, the United States, etc., then you can consider making your website in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. This allows users of different languages to browse our website in the language they are familiar with.

3. my website needs to have those units?
Before making your website, you must first plan out the "architecture" of your website, that is, the units you need to have, such as: company profile, product introduction, members' area, business locations in the province, contact us, etc. We recommend that you use a tree diagram to plan out the architecture of your website, in order to facilitate the design of the designers. If you are not sure which units you need for your website, we suggest you to refer to the industry or related websites, or you can directly ask the web design company to plan and quote for you.

4. What units of my website do I need to maintain and update on my own?
After deciding on the units of the website, we need to consider which units we need to maintain and update in the future after the website is launched. For such functions that need to be maintained or updated by ourselves in the future, it is necessary to build them in the way of "system combined with database management" during web design. The cost of producing a unit with database management is higher than that of a unit with purely static pages. Therefore, we suggest that if the information in some units of your website needs to be updated regularly, such as product introduction, latest news, etc., these units are recommended to be built in the way of "database" management. Although the initial set-up cost is higher, it will be more beneficial than a purely static internal page management method in terms of immediacy and long-term cost effectiveness of website updates.

What do I need to pay attention to when designing a website?网站从设计开发到上线的基本流程

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