What do I need to pay attention to when designing a website?

However, this kind of web design direction no longer meets the needs of the current stage, because visitors come to our website to find useful information for them, so rich information, good website flow, appropriate and clear article paragraph arrangement is the focus of the current web design. If a website is filled with too many images or animations, it will not only slow down the download speed of the website and affect the quality of browsing, but more importantly, it may also affect the ranking in major search sites. Therefore, before you create a website, you must pay attention to the following matters in order to give visitors the best information platform, and also to bring more popularity to your website.

First, the web page must have a good "line of motion"
It is also advisable to add "SiteMap" or "Full Text Search" to your website to provide visitors with better navigation information.

Second, avoid too many unnecessary elements
Too many pictures and animations will in fact affect the quality of the website and users' browsing. Therefore, we suggest to minimize the use of "meaningless" elements in the website unless necessary, such as Flash animations and pictures with no visual meaning, background music, JavaScript effects or programs that are not necessary...etc. Therefore, it is a very important issue for designers to combine the visual beauty and sophistication of the website with the download speed and dynamic line of the website.

Third, the website style in line with the corporate image
In order to deepen the impression of visitors and consumers' image of the company or product, the style of website production must be consistent with the CIS of the company in order to highlight the characteristics of the website or company. Of course, it is also a good way to design a different website.

Fourth, the text or title must be clear and understandable at a glance
When visitors come to our website, if they don't see the text or headline information that interests them within 30 seconds, they usually choose to leave our website and go to other related websites or even the same industry to browse. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear and attractive headline on the webpage, especially on the "home page" of the website, which is generally the most visited place in the whole website.

Fifth, rich information and content
The more informative and complete the website is, the more time users will stay and even recommend it to their friends and family, which will result in more popularity and create more business opportunities for our website. In general, the information provided to users on our website includes "product information, teaching information, FAQ, reference documents, related reports, technical support, related discussions, etc.".

Six, the system function humanized
Most websites usually add system functions to their websites to enhance the immediacy of information posting and to increase the chance of interaction with users. The advantage of system function is that you can post or change the latest information instantly from the back-end management system, and get the information from customers, such as: "message management system, product management system, membership management system, order management system, discussion forum or message board system...etc.". Before making these systems beneficial to the website, we must do a good job of system analysis and process planning, and try to make the operation more humane for the users, in order to improve the willingness of the users to use, and also to make the use of the back-end system more convenient for the management.


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