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Amfeeling Culture is composed of a team with professional experience, such as visual design, product development and operation optimization. Its main business covers website design and development, App and applet development, brand website construction, website maintenance and marketing promotion.
Our team provides one-stop service:

Web Development

Responsive website development, App and applet development, CMS user management system development, H5 page production, server erection, space escrow, and the maintenance, optimization, and upgrade services of website.

Design Services

Website design, user experience model design, process design, UI / VI design, 3D modeling and VR design, animation video editing.


Design and production of EDM email, the optimization of SEO search engine, page testing and optimization, paid listing, keyword optimization and maintenance, the maintenance of official accounts, and promotion as well as publicity of matrix channel.


Server rental, professional portrait / product photography, professional multi-scenario studio, and photography, vedio recording and aerial photography of event.

Responsive website design and development0%
EDM design, SEO optimization0%
APP design and development0%
UI, VI, animation video and others0%

Professional Services

Our Advantages


We have successfully completed more than 1,000 successful cases of website construction. More than 50% of new customers were recommended by old customers. We sincerely thank the customers who helped us introduce our customers. From customers to friends, we will be with concentrated attention to get your approval. We will work harder to maintain our high standards service, provide high-quality solutions, seize the opportunity of the rapid development of the Internet, grow up in the process of learning, and make every effort to provide more comprehensive, new, and effective service contents.


Our teams are located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and other cities, which provide high-quality Internet platform development and operation solutions for many companies and which have been well received. No matter what website-related service demands you have, we can provide the best one-stop service to assist you in saving time and communication costs in finding suppliers. Under our service system, multiple links work closely together, which greatly improve the service efficiency and quality. Our main mission is to provide the solutions with the highest quality for every customer. Optimize users’ experience through high-quality Internet products, assist customers in promoting corporate brand with low cost and high efficiency.



Amfeeling Culture insists on in-depth communication with customers with professional knowledge and years of experience, clarifies customer demands, analyzes product pros and cons, and provides the most reasonable planning recommendations. In the early stage of the project, the team will have an in-depth understanding of the original demands and business goals of the customers, discuss and formulate plans, actuarial expenses, locate brand image, analyze target customers, plan the overall process, integrate future scalability and marketing concepts into the plan through the network platform, and provide qualified products which meet your demands.

Requirements analysis

Our team not only has rich design experience and keen observation, but also we will add our thinking on the basis of the ideas of our customers to transform the design works that are relevant to the subject and have professional creativity. We will guide customers’ demands in the design process so as to create a practical and delicate website with high quality. In addition to visual image, good user experience and website ranking optimization are also our key goals.

Program development

We will complete a high-quality website development process within a specified period by a professional technical team. Our team will work with the customers to develop processes and submit them in stages in accordance with their marketing demands, budgets and future development, assist our customers in saving a lot of website production costs and time communication costs so as to achieve the results with the highest quality.


Dear customers, we will list and improve the common questions, please check if there is something related to what you want to consult. We welcome your feedback.

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